Clients’ Appreciations

Fantastic! Beautiful! Simply Priceless! A BIG thank you from us for the well taken pictures! It was done with a lot thought and creativity. We are truly amazed on how you managed to capture all the important scenes of our wedding dinner reception. Most importantly, you have taken a lot of photos of captivating SMILES :) !

We are able to cruise down memory lane, enjoying all the beautiful pictures and nostalgic moments of our important day.

You are truly a blessing to us and we are very glad to have you as our photographer.

Thank you again brother Tairven!


Eng Leong & Guat Siew, Penang


Thank you very much for photo shooting our wedding day. We like all the photos that you shot, they really gave us very nice memories of the occassion.
We appreciate it so much. Thanks again, Tairven.



~ Eng Teik & Poay Hong, Penang


Finally! We’ve the time to sit down and write this note after all the hectics, the ‘after-wedding’ torture and back to work blues. Work has been crazy unfortunately.

1st of all, allow me say a big “THANK YOU” on your wonderful job done during our pre-wedding photoshoot and during our actual wedding day! I’ve never seen such dedication in photography. Thank you so much for your hard work & effort dedicated into it.

Thank you for being so kind to take time off to shoot our pre-wedding photos and for being so accommodating! We can be such a pain. Nonetheless, we had great fun! The sneaks turned out so well!  We were very impressed! We had no doubts that the actual wedding shots were going to be even better! All I can say is that there were not one bit of disappointment!

Everyone was sooo looking forward to seeing the pictures especially my family and my ‘Chi Muis’! Even my colleagues were pestering me for the pics! They were all so natural. All the funny moments were captured especially. The photos still makes us laugh whenever we look at it again. Trust me, we have been browsing through every night ever since we received the photos. We apologize if there were too many unexpected distractions on that day! The whole day was just crazy!  Hope you had fun!

I certainly did! ~ Tairven

All I can say is this..NO REGRETS at all in getting you, Ben and Jason to capture our beautiful wedding moments! You guys were just superb!

Many thanks once again!

  ~ Elaine & Danny, Penang



I must really say it was an AWESOME experience! This is my first time having a portrait shoot done and I was a bit nervous at first (it wasn’t what I expected, actually :P ) however, you made sure I was comfortable and taught me most of the poses. The photos are great and the experience was great. THANKS bro-in-law! (ps: can I have another around? :P )
Sure! ~ Tairven

~ Wee Vian, Penang

   ~ Wee Vian, Penang






Thank you very much for those wonderful pictures!  The photos are beautiful and you’ve really made us look really good! I have got so much rave reviews from my friends and family about the pictures. Many people have asked us which professional photographer took those pictures and we just smiled at them!

Thanks for making it fun and relaxing at the same time. We really enjoyed ourselves and the pictures! We will definitely recommend friends to you if any of them gets married in Penang! Thanks Again! God Bless!


  ~ Reuben & Joanne, Kuala Lumpur


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